»Petersburg by Memory, The paintings of Tatyana Yassievich 1997-2007«
»Tatyana Yassievich. Images of St. Petersburg«
DVD-Video petersburg places and paintings

Tatyana Yassievich
1968, St. Petersburg, Russia
1991-1992 Hoge school voor de Kunsten Utrecht
1992-1994 De Ateliers 63, Amsterdam
Represented by Sabine Wachters Fine Arts / www.sabinewachters.com

Exhibitions (a selection)
1994 East 1994, selection Rudi Fuchs & Jan Dibbets, Norwich, UK, (catalogue)
1996 Cum Laude, International Press center, The Hague (catalogue)
1996 Europe prize for Painting, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ostend (catalogue)
2000 I Fiori Del Mio Gardino, Lucca, Italy, (catalogue)
2002 Life in a Glass House, A proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam (catalogue)
2004 De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (s), (catalogue)
2005 Festival REmigration, Generalkonsulat der BRD in St. Petersburg, Deutsch-Russischer Austausch St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 Centre Culturel et Scientifique de Russie à Bruxelles (s)
2009 A dialogue with my grandfather Nikolai Yassievich. Sabine Wachters Fine Arts (duo)
2009 A dialogue after 50 years. Paintings of Nikolai Yassievich, student of I. Brodsky, and his granddaughter Tatyana Yassievich. Museum-apartment of Isaak Brodsky, St. Petersburg (duo)
2012 A record of Russia (s). Sabine Wachters Fine Arts. Brussels
2012 Made in Russia. Nine Contemporary Russian Artists. Other Gallery, Shanghai, China (catalogue)
2012 From a Painter's Perspective. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (catalogue)
2013 Russian Atelier on the Amstel. 10 contemporary artists. Curator Maarten Bertheux. Hermitage Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2014 Januari 27-Februari 28. The 70th anniversary of liberation of Leningrad from the German fascist Siege. Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam


1996 Europe Prize for Painting (third prize), Ostend

Public collections: Central Dutch Bank, Amsterdam, MIRaskon Insurance Agency, Germany, SNS REAAL, Utrecht, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Den Haag, Gorbachov Foundation, Moscow


'Petersburg places and paintings'
Director & producer Ben van Lieshout, 2004
In 2004 Dutch director Ben van Lieshout made an extensive film portrait of Tatyana Yassievich and her work in St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and Berlin. The film follows her as she travels between the cities, between the past and future, in a ceaseless effort to register what remains of Soviet esthetics in the public space, before it disappears entirely. The film takes viewers into public spaces still pervaded by the history of the Soviet era. They combine with Yassievich’s personal memories to create a tangible experience of the drastic, ongoing changes set in motion by the recent collapse of the Soviet Union.
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Tatyana Yassievich was born in St. Petersburg in 1968. She finished the B. V. Joganson High School under the auspices of the Russian Art Academy. She then continued her studies on the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after Alexander von Stieglitz. In 1991 she went as an exchange student to the Netherlands, where she completed her studies in painting at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

She then completed a post-academic course at 'Ateliers 63‘ in Amsterdam, where she developed her work under the supervision of renowned artists like Jan Dibbets, Ben Akkerman, Georg Herold, and others.

She has been working as an independent artist since 1994, participating in exhibitions in Europe and Russia. Since 1999 she has been represented by the Sabine Wachters Gallery in Brussels and Knokke, Belgium.

In 2004, Dutch film director Ben van Lieshout made a documentary film based on her work 'Petersburg Places and Paintings‘. The film portrays her life as an artist living and working in several cities at once: St. Petersburg, Berlin and Amsterdam.